At Manor View and Church View, we value our people. We understand that our staff play a crucial role in making Manor View and Church View the place it is and so we invest heavily in our staff. We adopt an ‘Employee First’ policy which results in outstanding outcomes for residents. Staff go through a comprehensive training programme so that they are well equipped to deal with the challenges that they may face in the course of their day to day work and to provide outstanding outcomes for residents. A wide range of career streams including nursing, care, catering/hospitality, maintenance, domestics/infection control, business administration and management are available to interested candidates.

As an employer, Manor View and Church View actively encourage staff to further their skills and progress their careers. We are keen to support knowledgeable, committed and driven individuals in meeting their career objectives. Key to being part of our team is having a positive attitude, passion for care, flexibility (roles and rotas) and being an outstanding team player. Training, development, supervision and appraisal are some of the tools that are diligently used by us to build a strong and cohesive team.

Manor View and Church View have an established culture of rewarding strong performers. The company operates two very popular programmes for staff: –

  • the ‘Employee of the Month’ programme.
  • the ‘Employee of the Year’ programme.